Airbnb Amenities That Are Important To Guests

By considering what guests really want in an Airbnb, hosts can ensure that their guests have a wonderful stay.

Here are 10 key amenities that guests always look for.

1. Safety and security

Guests want to feel safe and secure in their accommodation, so a well-lit space with good locks is essential.

2. Cleanliness

A clean and comfortable space is always appreciated by guests.

3. Quality bedding and towels

Guests appreciate having quality bedding and towels available.

4. Welcome basket with snacks and drinks

This is always appreciated by guests and shows that you are thoughtful and considerate.

5. Wi-Fi

Guests often need to be able to stay connected while on vacation, so having Wi-Fi available is essential.

6. TV with cable or streaming services

This is a great way to keep guests entertained in their down time.

7. Fully stocked kitchen

Guests who enjoy cooking will appreciate having a fully stocked kitchen at their disposal.

8. Outdoor space

A nice outdoor space is always a welcome amenity for guests, especially if there is seating available.

9. Laundry facilities

Guests appreciate having access to laundry facilities, so they can keep their clothes clean while on vacation.

10. Pet-friendly

For guests who travel with pets, having a pet-friendly Airbnb is essential.
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